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June 1, 2003 by Doreen
Well craeonics has finally wrapped up issue #12 for Tek along with (2) more new articles by Kenray and (1) more new interview with Mormegil to go along with some fresh bunnies, so go have a read when your time permits at:

Table of Contents:

Follow-up Interview with Xymantix: not often do you find a dev that's a skinner

Skinning on the Edge: SkinEdge's the new skin site in town. Can it compete with the establishment?

Notes on Corporate Logo Design...
October 12, 2002 by Doreen
(Sorry but it seems the Editor of Teknidermy Mr. Kenray the Master Slacker & craeonics is rubbing off on me so I'll just use this handy cut n paste feature and rip off crae's original news post) hehe

Interviews with Chaz about the switch from LotsOfSkins to ArtUproar; a talk with the yet unknown, but highly talented fc85746; and also SkinBase's Elwin Ransom gets the interrogation routine, as does Hoverdesk prodigy Honz. And there's the man (or rather, boy) you'd love to hate: aafuss.
Ken p...
July 6, 2002 by Doreen
Seems craeonics finally wrapped up issue 10 bunnies and all! Interviews w/ Grayhaze, DJ-Designs, Juni, Nuvem, and a small article on death and determining the mortality of your skins (or not) thereafter.

Ken also did an article on skinning in the real world, and crae put together a very nice FAQ that will save alot of typing for everyone regarding the never ending "Help me I'm new to skinning" tags on all the various msg boards in skin town.

come on now & get to reading over at: http://t...
April 2, 2002 by Doreen
The International Skinners Journal Issue #9 is released today, with a new
look, some new features and a variety of skinning related articles and
interviews. (

Please be sure to read the "Future of Tek" article, as the magazine will
change quite drastically starting this month. And be sure to use and enjoy
the new option of commenting on the articles and interviews!

All credits to craeonics for the graphical nav, and to Deskmod for the fun
new se...